Chicago: Client Reviews For Supergirl Massage in Chicago


Supergirl Massage In ChicagoI have had the pleasure of receiving two massages so far in 2010 from Supergirl.  It will be tough to do her any justice with written words.  She is truly amazing!  I have been receiving massages for over 20 years now and nothing comes even close to Supergirl.  At the end of both of my massages, I was at total peace and stress free.  I had the feeling that I was floating around the room.  I wish that feeling could be put into a bottle because there is nothing like it.  Supergirl has an amazing intuitive touch that nurtures the body and spirit.  She combines the massage with energy work and I could feel it each time she would work on an energy center.  The Supergirl massage is a luxury that is to good to miss out on.  As a bonus, she is a very attractive woman.  I find her personality to be very engaging and she is very interesting.  Supergirl has a very postiive energy/aura around her that totally draws you in.  You will enjoy your time with her immensely.  To top it all off, she comes to your hotel and you have to do nothing but relax and enjoy yourself. Nothing could be better!  Thank you Supergirl!  I will be seeing you again very soon.

MW- Indianapolis


I'd like to share my experience with Supergirl massage in Chicago. Supergirl gave me an incredible massage that was everything I was looking for. Her service was prompt and her skill and knowledge about a variety of massage techniques made me feel at ease immediately. I felt completely relaxed and comfortable on her table. I travel to Chicago often on business and she exceeded my expectations for an outcall massage. Occasionally you get a therapist who actually shows up with a table and knows what their doing. I will definately utilize Supergirl for an outcall massage in Chicago the next time I am here on business. Supergirl Massage rocks.

Rick- California

Supergirl you made me feel like a king! Thanks for making my trip to Chicago one of the best ever. I was really kinked up from all the traveling I do and you worked out all the knots. Your style and energy made me feel really relaxed and your table was very comfortable. See you next time I'm in town.


Supergirl is my choice for the most professional provider of outcall massage in the city. She was charming, polite and extremely talented. If you're looking for a great deal on an massage in the windy city , I highly reccomend this massage therapist for an evening of relaxation. You can find her services online at


I'm usually a real skeptical about client reviews but Supergirl provided me with the best outcall massage service and I really appreciated getting a great deal with such a sweet gal. I'll be calling her again. You can believe the client reviews I was dazzled by her abilities and if you need an outcall massage in Chicago, this is one lady you don't want to pass up.

Tom H.- Colorado

Supergirl you rule for outcall massage in Chicago. Thank you for helping me stretch and prepare for the game. You really know how to make a guy totally relaxed and I truly appreciate your amazing touch.


Wow, Supergirl you know exactly what I needed after a day of golf, all I can say is "God bless you darling", and I look forward to a massage with you next time I am in town.

Just Frank